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Recommended Fixtures

Socket and Cord Set (120V)
Turns any of our powerhead into a hands-free device. One included free with every powerhead order.
The Gaffer Grip
The Gaffer Grip
Our Price: $29.00
Use your powerhead as a table top device or clamp on to any surface for convenient hands-free treatments.

A Socket & Cord Set

A socket and cord set turns any of our lights into a hand held device. This is perfect for quick spot treatments and precise positioning. It's also the best way to carry your light while traveling.

Price: $10 - $15

Where to get one: Purchase ours above or check Amazon for other options.

A Gooseneck Desk Lamp

An inexpensive gooseneck desk lamp makes facial treatments a breeze. Treatments of the scalp, chest, back and shoulders can also be accomplished with this style lamp.

Price: $12 - $20

Where to get one: Staples in store or online. We recommend this particular brand because the neck is strong enough to support the weight of the Peak™ Series powerheads.

Danray Snake Arm Lamps

What makes these lamps unique is they can be wall mounted for self treatment of hard to reach areas like the scalp and back. Also comes in a table mount version.

Price: $60 - $80

Available online at

For Your Salon, Spa or Practice

There are a number of different lamps on the market to suit your professional needs.

Some, like these on Amazon, already come with bulbs for their given purpose. Just swap their bulb with our powerhead. The two headed lamp by Pibbs also comes in three or four heads, and a wall mount version for total coverage of the scalp.

This type of light from Smith Victor is a little more cumbersome to handle, but it will support the weight of the Peak Series powerheads. The best price is at B&H Photo.